Comprehensive Eye Exams
in Minnesota and North Dakota

We believe in treating our patients like family — and to us, our family’s health is the most important thing. Our eye exams are more than simply updating a prescription, they’re a valuable tool we use to protect your vision, and your overall health.

Why Eye Exams Important

Why Are Eye Exams So Important?

Annual eye exams give us a complete picture of your eyes — and of you, and how you use your vision every day. We respect your time by starting your appointment as soon as possible and making sure we talk through your case and concerns. This lets us personalize your eye care and track changes in your eyes over time to stay ahead of eye disease. If our eye doctors notice anything out of the ordinary, they can recommend a course of action that’s meaningfully tailored to you.

Experienced Staff at Midwest Vision Center

Why Choose the Experienced Staff at Midwest Vision Centers?

It’s crucial to have an eye doctor that knows you well and knows what your eyes need. Our staff is experienced in performing eye exams that exceed patient expectations, giving you small-town hospitality with the services and skills you’d find in a major city. We know you and your neighbors, and what your eyes need: you’ll be able to rely on us for your eye care and eyewear for years to come.

Experienced Staff at Midwest Vision Center
My Eye Exam

What Can I Expect from My Eye Exam?

Patients should expect nothing less than hometown treatment when they visit Midwest Vision, from the moment they walk through the door until they’re set up with just the eyewear or treatment they need. We value your time and will quickly get you in front of our doctors, who are focused on two things: you and your eyes. Once there, we’ll discuss you and what you need out of your vision while we get a thorough picture of your eye health in a welcoming, down-to-earth appointment.

We want all our care to be accessible and accept a variety of vision and health insurance plans: eye health should fit into everyone’s budget!

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