Cosmetic Related Eye Injury

Digital Eye Strain

If it’s happened to you, take solace that you are not alone. The most common cosmetic related eye injury is a jab to the eye with a mascara wand. While most of the time it’s an embarrassment and even time consuming washing the eye with lukewarm water to clean out the makeup. Mascaras can trigger an allergic reaction, causing redness and swelling along eyelids too. Mascara’s that are more than two months old can contain a decent amount of bacteria adding to your injury. Then there are the times where everything has to stop due to the pain, most commonly a corneal abrasion. If this has happened to you recently, click here to schedule a comprehensive exam and let us take a look at your eyes. Afterall, we want you to have the prettiest eyes possible, especially the parts that aren’t supposed to have mascara.