3 Reasons to Make Caring for Your Eyes
Your New Year's Resolution

If there’s ever been a year to make caring for your eyes one of your New Year’s resolutions, it’s 2020.

Making it your resolution to see 20/20 in 2020 is a great pun… but why else should you make a commitment to your eye health this year? Here are just a few reasons why taking better care of your eyes should be one of your goals:

Say Goodbye Eye Strain at Mid West

Say Goodbye to Eye Strain

Have you had to squint or strain your eyes to see or read things clearly? Is your vision giving you a headache? It’s time to leave that in 2019.

Just as our bodies change throughout the years, so does our eyesight. And believe us when we say that if your eyes have gone through changes, those old glasses you’ve been wearing just won’t provide you with the clear vision you need.

Changes in your eyes, at the very least, mean a change in your vision prescription — this is where an eye exam comes in. During a comprehensive eye exam at one of our Midwest Vision Centers 19 convenient locations, one of our experienced optometrists will take special care to prescribe you with a vision prescription that’s perfect for your eyes.

New Year. New You. New Glasses.

As if finally experiencing clear vision with your new prescription wasn’t enough to encourage you to make caring for your eyes one of your resolutions, this is also the opportunity to update your look with a new pair of glasses.

Your glasses aren’t just tools for vision correction — they’re an extension of your style. After an eye exam, our opticians can help you pair your updated prescription with a new pair of frames or prescription sunglasses. They’ll help you navigate our extensive collection of frames from trusted brand names such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, COACH, Nike, Nine West, and more.

We shop the world for frames, so no matter what your budget or style preference, we’ll find the perfect glasses for you.

New Year New Glasses in Mid West
Take Time to Look Beyond 2020

Take Time to Look Beyond 2020

During a comprehensive eye exam, our doctors will do more than just update your vision prescription — they’ll also evaluate your overall eye health. This is the chance to check in on your eyes, make sure that you aren’t experiencing any problems, and learn your risk for developing eye conditions in the future.

When it comes to your eyes, the earlier conditions and diseases are detected, the better. Early detection and treatment of common conditions like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can mean the difference between preserving your sight and losing it.

If you haven’t been properly caring for your long-term eye health by visiting the eye doctor every year, then 2020 is a great opportunity to start.

Start The New Year Off Right — with Healthy Vision

Every new year is a chance for a fresh start – most of us make resolutions relating to self-improvement and banishing bad habits, but one area that tends to get neglected is our ongoing ability to see clearly.

Make sure that your eyes are prepared to experience the new year and every year of the new decade. Fortunately, this is one resolution that’s easy to fulfill. Take better care of your eyes: request an appointment or call the Midwest Vision location nearest you.

Start The New Year with Healthy Vision